Holly is such an empowering, gifted mentor! I am so grateful for her in my life! She really knows what she's doing and is very intuitive with how she leads sessions. She has a calming influence that helps you feel safe in exploring and cutting out old belief patterns, replacing them with stronger, empowering, positive ones. She has lots of amazing tools, knowledge, and techniques for body, mind and spirit wellness and clearly has practiced them well. You are in good hands when you work with Holly! 

Amie V. 

Director of High Fives, Apple

For the first time in over 2 years, I feel like someone is truly helping my concerns and addressing underlying issues that either no one knew about or even thought about. I leave each session feeling very positive.

Cara P. 

Cara  P. 

Head of Potatoes, The Internet

Holly is so amazing!!! She is extremely intuitive , I was able to release a huge negative in my life that I have carried around for so long. Holly is very compassionate, and is the real deal!!

Mendy J. 

Chief Ranch Dressing Advisor

Holly is a Very skilled and caring energy worker. Her ability to zero in on and help clear limiting painful beliefs efficiently is off the charts. You could trade in 6 months of talk therapy for 1 session with Holly!

Not only will she help you clear blocks and barriers from your life, she also cares deeply.

Holly has been an angel in my life! I can’t even name all the things she’s helped me with: helped with leg pain, to know what herbal remedy my body needed to aid it’s healing process, helped me clear wounds and beliefs that were blocking my relationships from thriving more, helped me clear blocks keeping me from hitting my goals, etc.

Progress and life can shift quickly and in wonderful ways when clearing baggage and limiting beliefs!!

Emily P.

Director of High Fives, Apple

Holly was a joy to work with. She is so intuitive and gifted. She helped me work on a phobia, and just within 30 minutes of working together, my physical and emotional response to the stimulus was gone, down to nothing! I was amazed at how easy it was. I will definitely work with Holly again!

Megan W

Holly is amazing! I had my first session with her and immediately she picked up on things and discussed ways to help me. Her gifts are amazing! I would recommend her to anyone and I look forward to future sessions with her!!!

Meghan P