About the Class 

All classes will be live via Zoom and will be recorded so if you can not attend you will be able to view later at your leisure. All important information from each class will be put in a reference document that you can print for your use. There will also be exercises each week that will help you develop your skills. You will have lifetime access to all of this. 

The classes will be an hour with an additional half an hr at the end for you to ask any questions you desire or receive help with anything you are struggling with. 

Week 1

Nuts and bolts of how energy work works 

Applied Kinesiology-Muscle testing how to

Tips for muscle testing

Proxy work and Priority mode

and more

Week 2

Grounding, Shielding, calling back your energy, and other essential tools like fluffing your aura, zipping up switching on, tuning in and more. 

Week 3

Prepping to work

This week we will go over all the ways you can prepare to work so you get the best and clearest answers. 

Things like clearing blocks to interference, turning down chakras, clearing the ego, blowing roses, and more.. 

Week 4

This week we will get into doing different types of energy work. 

How to clear trapped emotions, do belief work and tapping. 

Week 5

Asking for help

Angels and guides

Using your mind, reading screen, intentions

and more. 

Week 6

Tips, tricks, and tools. 

Essential oils and emotions, rocks, magnets, pendulums, and more. 

Purchase the class through July 7th and get a discount after that it goes up to $249. 

Class starts July 17th. 

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