Intuition....are you intuitive?

October, 31st 2018

I'll tell you a little secret. We are all intuitive, we use our intuition a million times every day and we don't even realize it. 

Don't believe me??? Science proves this and learning how it works is a game changer. 

Have you ever thought I need to call my friend Jane and you call her and she says, "I was just thinking of you and was going to call you."

If you are a parent you probably have experienced feeling like something is wrong with one of your children and you don't know what it is, and then they come home from school and tell you all about their bad day.  Experiences like these are your intuition at work. You received the energetic information before you even knew it. 

We are all composed of atoms. What exists in between these atoms is space, so much space in fact that if you were to take the Washington Monument and remove all the space in between the atoms that it is made up of, it would only be the size of a pencil eraser.  

Atoms communicate in the space between each other with electrons. Electrons then use messenger particles composed of light called photons to pass information back and forth. This is called bio-photonic energy. 

Our bodies are constantly releasing this photonic energy all the time. They are communicating to every single atomic particle around you.

Ever heard that like attracts like? It is literally true, its not just a saying.  Our atoms vibrate at certain frequencies depending on the state they are in, they are then attracted to like frequency atoms.  That is a whole other blog post about attraction, in and of itself. 

Some people believe psychics are people who just have a gift for knowing things, but what I really believe a psychic is, is a person who has learned to listen to the energy. Someone's energy can tell you anything you need to know if you ask. The photonic energy our body is releasing all the time is communicating to the environment around it. Have you ever walked into a room and you feel like you could cut the tension with a knife and you have no idea why? Then to find out later two people in that room were fighting previously or didn't like each other. Your Atoms were picking up on the photonic energy being released. 

In the psychic world or the world of intuition, you hear a lot about the Clair senses. Clairvoyance(sight), Clairaudience(hearing), Clairsentience(feeling), Claircognizance(knowing), Clairalience(smelling), Clairgustance(tasting). 

What I have learned and come to believe is that we all have these senses. Some of us are more aware of them. Some of us even work to strengthen these senses. Some of us even block these senses because the information we received in the past has been traumatic so its too painful to keep receiving information. 

As a child, Clairfeeling and Clairhearing were traumatic for me. I would walk into a room and hear mean things people were saying and communicating with their photons. I would feel how they felt and I thought that the things they were thinking and feeling were about me. I wondered why everyone didn't like me. I grew up feeling very much alone and disliked and could not understand what I had done to make everyone feel that way. As an adult, I learned to interpret the information I was receiving and one day I realized something. 

Before I tell you what it was let me ask you a question. Be super honest with yourself. How much negative self-talk is going on in your head every day?  Want to hear mine? 

At this very moment playing in the background I am hearing:

Why are you writing this no one wants to hear what you have to say?

You suck at writing people are going to read this and know you are a fraud, what makes you think you could write a book?

You don't have any new information to share, people don't need you wasting their time with useless information. 

These are just a few. If you are like me this negative self-talk tape plays in your head a great deal of the time. Quietly yet so loudly in the background. We learn to semi-tune it out because it is pretty much constant, we become used to hearing it and just expect it will always be there. 

So back to my realization. As an adult I realized that the bad things I thought people were thinking and communicating silently about me were really their negative self-talk tapes, just playing in the background. This was life changing to learn everyone didn't dislike me. But also so heartbreaking to know that this is how people think and then feel about themselves.

So next time you are thinking something negative about someone else or even yourself....stop the tape. Even if you think they can't hear you I promise you that photon particle is passing that information on. They know how you feel about them even if they can't put their finger on it, or even explain it. The phrase kill them with kindness is just a way of describing what can happen when we do our best to love someone, be kind to them and care about them even when they don't feel the same about us. I think we might be surprised what could happen if we just change what we are communicating silently. I dare you to try it and see what happens. 

Concerning yourself and your thoughts. 

When you think that bad thought about yourself then your atoms will respond to those things you are thinking and attract that frequency. If you think you are going to fail, your atoms will attract that outcome if you vibrate at that frequency long enough. I have found as I seek to be more aware of how I speak to myself and change the negative to positive, I experience a dramatic change in how I feel and accomplish things. 

Learning to trust your intuition and the information you are receiving can be such a blessing, don't be afraid of it. We were given these senses for a reason, use them for the good of yourself and others and you can do wonderful things.