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Our Faculty

Holly Harris 

Intuitive Healing Practitioner



I began my journey doing energy work when I was introduced to the emotion code about 7 years ago. The very first emotion I ever had released was grief from my heart wall and it was so overwhelmingly strong that I bawled like a baby for almost 10 minutes. I walked out of my friend's office feeling like I had never felt in my life before. Free, light as air, a whole new person. I later learned that I am an empath and I took on the emotions of everyone around me. This caused me to feel completely overwhelmed and emotionally exhausted. After doing a lot of work on myself I decided I wanted to share this amazing tool and help others so I became a certified Emotion Code practitioner about 6 years ago. I then studied and got a certificate in herbalism so I could help people with the physical side of things as well.  I am continually learning and studying other modalities and adding tools to my arsenal that will help my clients. The biggest thing I have learned in the last year is how to do belief work along with EFT-tapping.  This again created a huge shift in me personally and I am seeing wonderous results with my clients. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I am so excited to help you on your journey to living free from emotions and beliefs that hold you back. 

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